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Hey cutie! I’m Tanci, like Nancy with a T. I like dancing, coffee, Ketones, skinny french fries, hot sauce on everything, really drippy ranch, margaritas and hip hop! I’m messy, my thoughts, my room, my hair most days. I laugh loudly, compete tenaciously, think I’m gangster, have thick thighs and ambition to be something more… and I’ve stopped apologizing for it. I’ve stopped apologizing for the girl I used to be, the girl I am, and the girl I am becoming…and now, I’m ready to help you do the same!

It has been my mission to create a space for women to celebrate! A space to challenge each other to LIVE OUT LOUD. I’ve been that lost, insecure, weak girl living for the approval of others, scared of my own power. I’ve been out of control and hated myself for not being smart enough, organized


enough, strong enough, skinny enough, fun enough, sexy enough... treating myself the exact way that I preach others not to. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, lost, and like a failure. I’ve been through the struggle and have battled with a negative self-image my entire life. And through this fitness community of fierce women, I have created a strength and confidence, I didn’t see in myself before…



Now, more than ever, I’m determined to rise and create a world-wide community of courageous women who want to shake up the world, turn it upside down, and show our fellow humans the difference between merely breathing and being alive. You ready to be a part of the movement?! [Learn More]

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