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What is the #TurnUpSquad about?

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  • Strength and empowerment

  • Self-love

  • Positive mindset

  • Game changing physical transformation

  • Fun

  • Team and family

  • Real results

About #TurnUpSquad workouts?


These workouts are more than a sweat sesh, they're therapy, an escape, empowerment at its finest. The goal is to embrace the sexy, bold badass that you are, get out of your comfort zone, push your intensity, shake your booty, and transform not only your body, but your life!

Why we're different?


Tanci has been a fitness instructor for years and played sports her whole life. Working out is a part of her fiber but she learned that the MUSIC has to be good, the leader has to be PASSIONATE, and the movements have to be CHALLENGING yet easy to follow. Tanci's passion is dance fitness, and she's taken the FUN of dance and paired it with strength and HIIT training to give you a workout that will have you dripping in sweat and swag!

You can join us for the booty growth, the twerk lessons, the sweat, the gangsta vibe we keep throwin' down...but beware, it’s bound to turn into an experience that rocks your entire world, carrying you into your deepest, most bad ass self.


We celebrate one another. We empower one another. We take one another to places we never thought possible.


If you’re ready to turn it up to that next level, #TurnUpSquad is waiting to embrace you! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW...


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