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What is Turn Up Dance fitness:

We don’t just want 5 exercises to sculpt our booties (although that will happen naturally). We wanna sculpt our minds into being more, our souls into feeling the moment, our hearts into seeing the beauty in who WE ARE, our fear into courage to live out LOUD.

 The Turn Up isn’t JUST a workout program. It’s a rapid growing women’s movement where we PUSH LIMITS and BARRIERS that we have set for ourselves, we come together as women and empower one another to be multifaceted, to make ourselves a priority, to stop playing small and to live the lives we desire. We simply use fitness to move us forward. These workouts are intense, fun, and life-changing, incorporating HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training, and dance! You will be challenged, but you will embrace it, and as you step outside of your comfort zone with the Turn Up, you will step into your power like never before…


What is the instructor training?

An 8 day online course that can be completed on your own time (1-2 hours a day) within those 8 days to become a certified Turn Up Dance Fitness Instructor (AFAA & NASM approved) (10CEUs).


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to level up as a leader, build a community, impact people and transform lives through dance & fitness. There are no prerequisites required in order to get certified, but one must be willing to get out of his or her comfort zone and challenge themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally in a way that takes dance fitness & group coaching to the next level.


What will I learn?

We will spend time working through the vital elements of cultivating culture within your community as a leader, defining the Turn Up Formula and the guidelines of using that formula, and applying. We will really dive into instructor skills: how to play with your own energy & the energy of the room, 3 types of cueing, coaching & more to set yourself apart and be THE STANDARD in this business. We will also spend time teaching on how to build YOUR OWN brand & business through social media and MORE!


How much is it?

The training is $299!

What happens after I am certified?

That is UP TO YOU! I think taking this training could take you places you don’t even realize are available to you! With that being said, you will have SO MUCH support through the process, even once your training is finished! We have an entire team of experts & instructors that will be with you the whole way! Once you finish your certification you will unlock access to your Instructor Membership Portal where you will get all the Turn Up choreo, exclusive warm up mixes, continued education AND MORE!


Turn Up Dance Fitness is one of the fastest growing dance fitness formats on the map today! We are taking dance fitness to a level it hasn’t reached yet & changing lives along the way, we would love for you to join the movement!!!!

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“This training was more than awesome. I love the way it was done with flexibility…I highly recommend this training because it changes your perspective, to be more than just an instructor, to be a better version of you and to TURN UP the life of others for a better experience…”

“This training was more than awesome! I love the way it was done with flexibility...I highly recommend the training because it changes your perspective, to be more than just an instructor, to be a better version of you and to TURN UP the life of others for a better experience”.

What people say

“Sometimes we need that refresh. We need that community. I’ve never felt this in any other dance fitness format I’ve been a part of…”

“This training was everything! I gained so much from it that I wasn’t even expecting. Mentally I’m changed. I love that it was more than just becoming an instructor, but also gaining the knowledge of what turn up is about. I loved everything about this amazing experience”.

“ I want to emphasize that Turn Up is nothing like anything else out there…Turn Up is so electrifying it sparked something inside of me. It is the only program I have been consistent with and actually look forward to. Turn Up is so much more than a workout; it’s a community of amazing humans who support each other. I have never been so vulnerable or out of my comfort zone as I have with Turn Up, and it has helped me evolve on my path of life…”

If you have any more questions, feel free to email them to:!

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